Our eyes are intrinsically trained to spot divine proportion and immediately associate it with beauty.

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- Hindenburgstraße 127 - - 22297 Hamburg -

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    About Us

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    Natural Organic Cosmetics Promotes Rejuvenation

    Even the ancient Egyptians knew that nature provides
    all types of rejuvenation. Resins from trees and saps
    from plants already known to the ancient Druids for
    healing and beauty was like magic.
    Fresh Types
    Floral Types
    Oceanic Types

    Our Achievements

    Most buyers start with an appraisal of the potential products on the website, as you will find that we have only selected selected products. Since then, the Célin d´or Company has offered the public high quality products. employs over 200 people and does all kinds of great things for the churches around the world.
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    Cosmetics Sold

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    Our team

    This is one side of the Célin d´or group. Our company was founded in Hamburg in 2007, which followed a good idea and is displayed in your site navigation (in most products with a superior quality).
    Reza Akbari
    German agency
    Elfriede Baumgarten
    Service Manager
    Ben E. Gutmann
    Chief Manager
    Dr. C. Friese-Wehr

    Find Your Beauty Guide

    Célin d´or is committed to cruelty-free product formulation, & testing.