Our eyes are intrinsically trained to spot divine proportion and immediately associate it with beauty.

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    Shipping & Delivery

    Disclaimer and License:

    The below has been prepared by an attorney (http://rechtsanwalt-schwenke.de). It complies with the legal requirements of a typical online store aimed at consumers. The document is protected by copyright and their use is only allowed within the scope of the German Market license within the store the document may not be used on other websites.

    Editing note:

    Please note the information in the square brackets and add your own information if necessary. Please note that the shipping costs or at least the calculation methods by weight is given for all delivered countries. If you deliver only to certain countries, you must inform the customers about this. In addition, you should select only these countries as “Allowed countries” in the settings of WooCommerce. You should not use clauses like “Shipping costs to other countries only on request” Prices, shipping costs and delivery information.

    The prices listed on the product pages include the statutory VAT and other price components.

    We only deliver within Germany and Austria.

    In addition to the stated prices, we charge a flat rate [6.90 Euro per order] for delivery within Germany and Austria. The shipping costs will be clearly communicated to you again in the shopping cart system and on the order page.

    If you pay by cash on delivery, an additional fee of [2,- Euro] will be charged, which will be collected by the local deliverer. [No further taxes or costs will be incurred.] There are no shipping costs for digital content (e-books, software, etc.). [Note to merchants: The following passage is necessary if you specify a flat shipping rate. Otherwise you can remove the passage]

    The shipping fee is [specify value of shipping fee] Euro. The shipping fee includes the statutory value added tax. Since the VAT on the shipping flat rate is calculated depending on the goods purchased, it may be reduced if goods are purchased at lower VAT rates (for example, when purchasing books). This means that the shipping fee can only be finally calculated during the ordering process.

    However, it cannot become higher in the process, but only lower in your favor.

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